Friday, May 1, 2009

Putting down facebook and picking up Deuteronomy

So, there is this little-known addiction out there called Facebook. Anyone heard of it? Well, since the fb execs are smiling down at me and giving me a great wireless signal at my house, I've returned the favor by being facebook obsessed for the last 24 hours. This lets me know that I've definately made the right decision about NOT getting the internet at my house. I think that all of my self control would go out the window! Thankfully, I have a God who has bigger plans for my day than sitting on Facebook all day and waiting for my other "Teachers on Swine Vacay" friends to post something amusing. Today, I am seeking those plans above any other because I know that they are plans of hope, purpose, and a future. Those plans start with this blog. I've known for a while now that this was something that He wanted me to do, to speak truth, not of myself, but of Him, into people's lives. Somehow, I will trust that He will direct me as to what to write and will direct others to this spot in cyberspace to read what He says. I also want to use this blog to point out others who are writing about their own experiences with Christ in this world. I have been changed by reading these posts from the LPM website of Melissa's trip to India through Compassion Ministries. How humbling to think of what my desires are when these people are without everything! I also devour everything this guy writes about the Lord...incredible thoughts. And the list of 500 things Christians like is hilarious! Now I'm off to spend some time in my new favorite book, Deuteronomy.


  1. YAY!!! so excited that God has placed this upon your heart! can't wait to read more!! i tried to check out your class blog as well but it said something like i need to register...what is that all about? hope that you have a wonderful time in the word today and enjoy your time off =)

  2. Hey there. I tried to become a follower but it keeps giving me a strange error message. I'll definately be checking your blog often!