Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Serenade We Don't Want to Miss

So, I've given up Starbucks (my, and everyone else's favorite study spot) for lent. If you know how many times I've cheated over the Lenten season, please do not post that in the comments section of this blog! Therefore, I have packed up my Medium Brown Bag from Bloomingdale's with my laptop, Bible (why does mine weigh so much!) and notebook and have moved into Panera this morning. I love the fresh pastry smell. I love their Latte's. I love free Wi-Fi. I love it here. My tray of food looks like I should be brunching in Paris this morning. I can hear quiet chatter all around me. One man next to me has a strong accent and his words are like honey. The book of Genesis is spread out in front of me and an empty notebook page waits patiently underneath it. I don't even mind the crying baby across the room. It has all the makings of a perfect day. I just can't look out any window or I'll see this:

Calm and peaceful on the inside, crazy zoo seeking families lined up for miles on the outside. Last year during this week of spring break, I lived really close to the zoo and drove in the spring break traffic a lot. I can remember watching 2 kids slug it out in the back of a minivan while waiting at the stoplight to turn into the zoo. MADNESS! Outside is such a contradiction of the inside quiet and peace.

As Beth says, "The lesson is not wasted on me." This is what I desire: to know the Lord so intimately and to walk so closely to Him that His peace and Word are spoken to me even in the midst of my everyday traffic. Quieting myself to hear is challenging, especially during my regular weeks of work, ministry, and living my life. I am praying that while my life is a little quieter this week, God will train my ears and mind to quiet so that I am prepared for all aspects of my life. I want my life to be a noticable contradiction. I want it to be said of my God that He brings stillness and peace, even in the midst of traffic. Notice I'm not using "calm in the middle of storms." I don't have lots of storms in my life. I'm sure they will come. They always do, but right now my battle is traffic.

From the Word of the God

"Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; like a child rests against his mother, so my soul rests within me." Psalm 131:2

"Better is a dry morsel of food and quietness with it than a house full of feasting and strife." Psalm 17:1

Child of God, let your heart be quiet before Him, if only for a few moments. He is rejoicing over us with singing, a serenade we can't offord to miss.

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